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Hi! I'm David. I'm a small guy with a larger than life personality.  Born and raised in Miami, I go by many aliases. If you find me on the paintball field, Smurf would be the name you call out, some know me as Pitufo, others Curly, Shorty so on and so forth. I am incredibly passionate about the things in my life that allow me to be unique: cooking, photography, paintball, Crossfit, Mountain biking, paddle boarding, graphic design, rock climbing. 

I became interested in design at 17, so most of what I know has been self taught. I recently graduated with my Bachelors in Advertising from Miami International University of Art and Design. I have been fortunate enough to intern at Creative on Demand and FourDiaz Vargas. I am an AAF member as well as the previous Vice President of the Insomniad advertising club at Miami International University of Art and Design. 


I am a humble young man seeking to learn, looking to strive and succeed as a creative. 


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